Smco2:17 magnet is also named Sm2Co17. Prorated with metallic samarium, cobalt, copper, iron and zirconium, are firstly those roughcasts with different properties and grades after  series technology processing from melting, milling, pressing to sintering in order. The (BH)max ranges from 20 to 32 MGOe, and maximum working temperature is 350 ℃. Sm2Co17 bears a extremely low temperature coefficient and preferably anti-causticity. In high temperature condition, the magnetic properties is better than NdFeB magnets. As a result, it's widely used in fields of aeronautics and space, national defense and sensors. As a result of  great brittleness of Sm2Co17 materials, it is not suitable for complex shapes and thin thickness disc or ring wall. Due to this character, there may be some appearance  defects such as small chips during production, inspection and magetizing process. However, it would not change its property. We consider them as qualified product. Magnetized Smco products must be picked up carefully and gently during assemble process and kept away from ironware to avoid mutually arracting, causing chips and cracks. Sm2Co17magnet is not easy to magnetize saturated, therefore, clients must be familiar with magnetization energy of their own magnetization equipments, to the effect that appropriate grade would be chose and products of company can be fully saturated.

Permanent Disc Sm2Co17 Motor Magnet
Permanent Disc Sm2Co17 Motor Magnet

Super Rare Earth Smco Magnet Sm2Co17
Super Rare Earth Smco Magnet Sm2Co17

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